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Bulletin Board

Category: Vacations/Travels

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Re:Visit New Zealand
Hi Ray,

I live North Island in New Zealand.South Island has spectacular views and snow but weather is best in North Island. Rotorua is a nice, beautiful place attracted by tourists. You will find plenty of activities , indoor and outdoor...

Tauranga is a beach city and you could enjoy outdoor activities..

Hamilton is a larger city with wide variety of places.

You could also enjoy in Welligton, the capital city.

There are various types of accommodation found in New Zealand. Unfortunately, less forms of transport...There are back packers, baches, motels, motor homes or can select a place which fit to your budget..Enjoy your holiday in New Zealand ...

Language pair: English; Arabic, Middle Eastern
Jaya R
October 10, 2017

# Msgs: 3
Latest: October 10, 2017
Anybody travelling to India.

Language pair: English; Malayalam
Aji PG
October 10, 2017

# Msgs: 1

traveling to china / east asia
Hiya, this is Tif. I will be traveling in China (Beijing, of course; Guangxi, Zhuhai, Hong Kong, possibly Hainan) and some East Asia areas from this upcoming November to February of 2018 - long trip, I know. Advise me on where to go and what to see - let me in on all that good ol' touristy stuff or amazing local gems! So far the only things set in stone are the dates of my flights :^) You can probably tell I'm not one for mapping and planning, because: plans change; spontaneity is what makes adventures awesome...RIGHT?! :3
Oh. I'm also interested in learning about traditional Chinese pastry-making. Hit me up if you are a master.

Language pair: English; Chinese, Mandarin
October 4, 2017

# Msgs: 1

Re:Visit New Zealand
Hi Ray,

I spent one year in New Zealand and I am a travel adviser in Working Holiday topic, so maybe I can give you some advices.
In February the weather is still good (late Summer or early Autumn). You should start your trip on the South Island (how long will you stay?) and go up to the North Island where the weather is warmer.
Queenstown is a must see place and Wellington is my other Number 1. So if you can choose where to live, test these two.
I hope I could help you.

Language pair: English; Hungarian
September 18, 2017

# Msgs: 3
Latest: October 10, 2017
Meet Ukrane!
Ukraine is beautiful, picturesque and interesting country. Despite terrifying news you may come across, it is completely safe to travel to Kiev (capital city), Nothern and Western parts of the country.

And I will eagely be your guide. And a driver if required :)


Language pair: English; Russian
Yulia S.
September 15, 2017

# Msgs: 1

Morocco for winter vacation
Hello in interested in traveling to Morocco for 2 weeks in December for vacation. Was wondering if anyone can give me tips or have any recommendations for host families or riads? Thank you so much

I'm also willing to help in a language exchange English and Arabic .

:) thanks again xx

Language pair: English; Arabic, Moroccan
September 15, 2017

# Msgs: 1

Hello i want travel a usa and to learn speak english, i like speak my cultura and can know much people in the world, i like california and europa. Good bye

Language pair: - Other -; English
Guillermo Arciniegas
September 14, 2017

# Msgs: 1

Hola me gustaria viajar a estados unidos y aprender ingles, me gusta california y su parque yosemit me gusta hablar y conocer muchas culturas.

Language pair: - Other -; - Other -
Guillermo Arciniegas
September 14, 2017

# Msgs: 1

Visit New Zealand
I would like to visit New Zealand. So any advice such as which is the nicest city to visit in February month? the cost? living place.
I live in China, so I will fly from Shanghai to NZ.



Language pair: English; Arabic, Middle Eastern
September 11, 2017

# Msgs: 3
Latest: October 10, 2017
Re:ANYONE VIETNAM - Hoping to Meet Japanese - I can help you with Vietnamese!
hello Redge Perrin.

i am aya from japan.
unfortunately i don't have plant to vietnam.
(though actually my husband came back from there just few days ago...)
but i am going to NZ, your country!
Waikato, north iland.
how is there?
do you know somehere i have to go?
i will stay for half year.

Language pair: English; Japanese
September 7, 2017

# Msgs: 2
Latest: September 7, 2017
Total found: 2716 !
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