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Bulletin Board

Category: Vocabulary/Translations

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Re:Re:Re:My email to a bike shop, did I get it ok?
What about this:
"Ich benötige ein Fahrrad, das für den Warentransport genauso geeignet ist wie für eine Fahrradtour"
(I need a bicycle, I can use for (transporting things)as well as for touring.)
bye Ulrike

Language pair: English; German
May 29, 2002

# Msgs: 5
Latest: May 29, 2002
Re:Lorsque ou Quand ?

Salut !!
Je suis une fille de 18 ans qui vie à Nîmes!!
Je vais t'expliquer quel est la différence entre "quand" et "lorsque"!!
La différence est simple!
Ces 2 mots ont le même sens mais 'lorsque" s'emploie surtout quand on parle du action soudaine ou quand un veux donner un explication.
ex: "quand l'eau tombe..."
ou "quand commence tu?"

et ex 2: "Tout s'est arrêté lorsque la lumière fut éteint"
ou encore: "on emploie le verbe être lorsque celui ci y est aproprié...

Si tu veux savoir d'autre informations écrit moi!!

Language pair: English; French
Domitille Ténot
May 29, 2002

# Msgs: 4
Latest: May 29, 2002
Re:Re:My email to a bike shop, did I get it ok?
Thank you for your help!

First, an explanation. The apologies were for sending an empty email before the one I posted here. Second, this is for fun and learning now, the bicycle shop got the message and understood. But anyway...

"für Auslieferungen (i´m not sure. do you want to bring product to people by bike? ), Marketing (what do you mean? ) und eine Tour mieten."

I want to use the bicycle to do errands around town during our visit and for grocery shopping, as well as touring.

Thanks again!

Vann Schaffner

Language pair: English; German
Vann Schaffner
May 28, 2002

# Msgs: 5
Latest: May 29, 2002
Re:My email to a bike shop, did I get it ok?
It would sound better, if you write is in this way:
Hallo ( in Deutsch beginnt man eigentlich keinen Brief mit Entschuldigung)
Leider spreche ich nicht so gut Deutsch, sondern besser Englisch. Sprechen Sie....., USA)
Meine Familie wird vom 5. Juni bis zum 19. Juni Kandersteg mit Idyll-tours besuchen.
Für diesen Zeitraum möchte ich ein Fahrrad für Auslieferungen (i´m not sure. do you want to bring product to people by bike? ), Marketing (what do you mean? ) und eine Tour mieten.
haben sie so etwas? or better Können sie mir hierzu ein Angebot machen? (can you give me a offer for this)
Vielen Dank
(ok if you have questions email me bye)

Language pair: English; German
May 28, 2002

# Msgs: 5
Latest: May 29, 2002
Can anyone help me
When i log onto Yahoo, i sometimes go to the Arabic room, how would i ask them "Does anyone speak English? or understand English?"

Language pair: Arabic, Middle Eastern; English
Mairi Hobden
May 28, 2002

# Msgs: 4
Latest: October 10, 2002
My email to a bike shop, did I get it ok?
What I wanted to say is in parentheses.


Entschuldigung, bitte! (My apologies!)

Ich spreche English, nicht gut Deutsch. (I speak English, not very good German.)

Sprechen Sie English?

Ich wohne in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. ( I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)

Meine Familie werden besuchen Kandersteg mit Idyll Tours: Ankuft 5 Juni and Abfarht 19 Juni. (My family will visit Kandersteg with Idyll Tours, arriving 5 June and departing 19 June.)

Ich mochte vermieten ein Bike fur Auftrag/Marktplatz und Tour, zwei Woche. (I would like to rent a bike for errands, marketing and touring, two weeks.)

Verstehen Sie? Haben Sie das? (Do you understand? Do you have this?)

Vielen Dank.

Language pair: English; German
Vann Schaffner
May 27, 2002

# Msgs: 5
Latest: May 29, 2002
Re:language spoken in Switzerland?
German is the most frequent (75%), with French next, followed by Italian and Romansh. You can see more here:

Language pair: English; German
Vann Schaffner
May 27, 2002

# Msgs: 3
Latest: December 25, 2002
If you teach Danish, I can teach you Spanish
Hi, i hope that you read the message. I´m Daniel from Chile,and if you are interested in me like a partner email me. Bye

Language pair: Spanish; English
D a n i e l U r r i o l a
May 27, 2002

# Msgs: 1

My friend is going back to Brazil and i want to know how to say...."I really like you" "i'm going to miss you" "Keep in touch"
If you can help me in portuguese I would much appreciate it!


Language pair: English; Portuguese
May 26, 2002

# Msgs: 2
Latest: November 30, 2003
Re:I need help from those who speak German...
"Du" you say to people like your friends, often your partners you are working with, children etc. It is less formal. "Sie you say to all other people. But you have to write "Sie" not "sie" "sie" has another meaning. If jou have any other questions mail me.

Language pair: English; All
May 25, 2002

# Msgs: 3
Latest: August 25, 2002
Total found: 17096 !
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