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Bulletin Board

Category: Vocabulary/Translations

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Need help with translating
Hi. I need help translating some conversations from Pashto into English. If anyone could help with this that would be fantastic.

Language pair: Pushto (Pashto); 
July 18, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Greetings fellow virgos. I was born on the 28 of August. I'm 30 years old though. It's cool you can speak all those languages at your age. Very impressive.

Language pair: Italian; English
Jean-Eider Pierre-Louis
July 13, 2018

# Msgs: 3
Latest: July 13, 2018
ajuda com conversação
Hi!! Gostaria de alguém para treinar meu inglês...posso ensinar português.

Language pair: Portuguese; English
July 11, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Re:I need daily expresions for playing with the baby...Please!
The book is hidden.

What are these? What is this?

We wear pants.

Does this help?

Language pair: Spanish; English
Beth Bruce
July 7, 2018

# Msgs: 2
Latest: July 7, 2018
Peanut allergy
Hello. I really like Japanese food! I have recently bought some without thinking and have no idea how to check if they are 1. Vegetarian and 2. Contain/may contain (traces or whole) peanuts as my boyfriend has a severe peanut allergy.
I would really really appreciate it if someone would be able to help me check as I cannot find this myself and am very cautious I would rather have someone’s second opinion. Please do not take this as a joke.
Many thanks

Language pair: English; Japanese
Ana Cesar
July 6, 2018

# Msgs: 1

I need daily expresions for playing with the baby...Please!
Hello everybody

I am trying to teach English to my one year old grandson, even my English is regular.
I would like any help about the vocabulary for playing....
Example: Catch the ball, give me the ball, look for it

The book is hideen....Can you find it?

Where is the mouse? Give me the yellow mouse!

Come here! Let's play with the house

What is these? Give me that ...

where we use the pants?

where is your nose?

I would like a revision of that and if somebody can add anotherdaily expresions for going teaching to the baby

I hope your help.....

If somebody need some special vocabulary in Spanish I will write it very pleased...

Thanks and Bye.

Language pair: Spanish; English
MariaJosefina AponteCamero
July 5, 2018

# Msgs: 2
Latest: July 7, 2018
Maria's Challenge (English-Spanish Advance level)
Hi there!

My name is Maria, I'm from Andalusia (south Spain) and I am living in the UK since 2013.

I moved here to complete a personal challenge, I even could not say a word in English language my first day here, now I can have a fluent conversation (more or less) with a really strong spanish accent and a few spelling mistakes! hahaha

I work in Digital and I absolutely love my job but I recognise that sometimes could be really frustrating. In Spain I used to collaborate in many magazines with technical articles but in the UK, I am feeling like I can't write what I want to say in the way that I would like it (expressions, irony, two meanings, etc) and I'm feeling super guilty every time that I need to ask for help.

And for this reason I am here, I was thinking that maybe someone from the UK will be interested in doing interchange of articles. Maybe you are a blogger or you write for magazines too or you want to practice writing in an advanced Spanish level...who knows! :)

My idea is read your article/blog (around 800 words) and find if there are grammatical expressions that don't sound right in Spanish language and make some suggestions. And I would like the same in English Language.

I would love to improve my English language as fast as I can and I will try to do an article per week. This is my new challenge and I need a partner! And, It may be you



Language pair: English; Spanish
Maria's Challenge
July 3, 2018

# Msgs: 1

Re:Hello everyone!
Hi, I speak 5 languages.
I speak french, english, german, polish and italian.
French is my native language.
I come from Switzerland.
I'm 17 years old, my birthday is on the 27th august 2001.
I have a sister and three brothers.
I play guitar and drums, I have a musical band named 81Days, I make music on SoundCloud(Saschelsa).
I have lots of animals: birds, rabbit, fishes and tortoise.
I wanna play concerts when I'll be 18 years old.
If you read this message I wish you welcome on my page.

Language pair: Italian; English
Saschelsa Saas
July 1, 2018

# Msgs: 3
Latest: July 13, 2018
Spreche mit Ich
Willst du Deutsch sprechen mit ich?
Ich spreche Fransözich, English, Deutsch, Polnisch und Italnisch.
Ich will Deutsch lernen.
Ich suche ein person für sprechen diese spräche mit mich.
Ich gegehe nach Stuttgart für ein Studienreise.

Language pair: Polish; German
Saschelsa Saas
July 1, 2018

# Msgs: 3
Latest: July 30, 2018
Willst du German sprechen mit ich?
Hallo! Ich bin Saschelsa, ich wohne in Schweiz.
Ich bin 17 Jahre alt.
Mein Geburstag ist den 27 August 2001. Ich habe Vögele, Fische, Schildkröte und Kaninchen.
Ich spiele Gitarre und Drum, ich mag music.
Ich habe ein Schwester und drei Brüder.

Language pair: English; German
Saschelsa Saas
July 1, 2018

# Msgs: 9
Latest: August 13, 2018
Total found: 17165 !
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