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Bulletin Board

Category: Vocabulary/Translations

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Re:How do you say 'Hello' in your native language?
You can also say "Salut" for hello in french although it is informal and translates more to "hi."

Language pair: English; 
Jean-Eider Pierre-Louis
October 25, 2017

# Msgs: 3
Latest: October 25, 2017
Re:Need help with translation! (urgent)
I would be happy to proofread for you!
Can you post here?

Language pair: English; Japanese
Brigette Crement
October 24, 2017

# Msgs: 2
Latest: October 24, 2017
Need help with translation! (urgent)
I am a student from Japan.

I am desperate for your help with my English writing.
I made few pages of texts in English, but I believe it has a lot of grammatical mistakes or incorrect choice of vocabulary. but I have to make it proper English in 2 days, because i need to submit the text to get a job.

If you are a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER, would you please PROOFREAD my text?
The texts are my self-introduction and the description of my artworks. This is not technical, but like general translation.
I need to make it sound like natural English.

In return, I can help you with Japanese in any way.
Im looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Thank you:)


Language pair: English; Japanese
October 19, 2017

# Msgs: 2
Latest: October 24, 2017
Ho do I say “It’s delicious” in korean?

Language pair: Korean; 
Winwin Amorin
October 19, 2017

# Msgs: 2
Latest: October 27, 2017
Re:Bonjour à tous
Qu'est-ce que le creole Martiniquais

Language pair: French; 
Justin England
October 18, 2017

# Msgs: 2
Latest: October 18, 2017
Your strategies for learning a new language
I'm one that believes in independent study when it comes to language learning. But of course, in reality that can't always work. Especially when it comes to pronunciations you're not gonna get that right without help from someone that's fluent in your target language. In my experience, I've relied on language softwares for the human touch but it doesn't always work. Take chines for instance. I tried to learn chinese (failed miserably) but learning the proper use of tones was not possible. The software I used didn't shoe proper uses of it. Not to mention grasping the meaning of individual words or understanding the simplified chines text or traditional. So that aside, I've succeeded in may areas with french where I failed with chinese but, gaining that native level fluency is still a conundrum. I don't live in France nor do I have french friends. So my queston is to all of you, what strategies do you use to learn new languages? Especially the tough ones like chinese, french, japanese, etc.

Language pair: English; - Other -
Jean-Eider Pierre-Louis
October 18, 2017

# Msgs: 5
Latest: January 16, 2018
Re: How do you say 'Hello' in your native language?
Hi Barry,

you’ve omitted Kazakhstan, Ireland, and the UK from your list of European countries. (Like Turkey, a small portion of Kazakhstan is in Europe.) By omitting Ireland, you’ve omitted Irish, which is one of Ireland’s official languages.

Your list also omits recognized regional and minority languages in these countries, such as Welsh in the UK, Breton in France, Catalan in Spain, Frisian in the Netherlands, Faroese in the Faroe Islands of Denmark, Tatar in Russia, etc.

Language pair: English; 
October 17, 2017

# Msgs: 3
Latest: October 25, 2017
Bonjour à tous
J'aimerais savoir si quelqu'un pourrait m'aider à apprendre le créole martiniquais 😉, merci d'avance

Language pair: French; 
October 16, 2017

# Msgs: 2
Latest: October 18, 2017
How do you say 'Hello' in your native language?

I am working on an infographic for a client which is based on how to say 'Hello' in every European country.

I have searched Google for the answers, but some languages such as Belarusian, Greek and Ukrainian had a few different versions thrown up at me. I'd like to know if I have the correct translations.

10 seconds of your time to let me know if I am correct or to correct me would be much appreciated, thank you :)

Albania - "Përshëndetje"
Andorra - "Hola"
Armenia - "Barev"
Austria - "Hallo"
Azerbaijan - "Salam"
Belarus - "Zdravstvujtie"
Belgium - "Hallo / Bonjour / Hallo"
Bosnia and Herzegovina - "Zdravo"
Bulgaria - "Zdraveĭte"
Croatia - "Zdravo"
Cyprus - "Merhaba / Chaírete"
Czech Republic - "Ahoj"
Denmark - "Hej"
Estonia - "Tere"
Finland - "Hei"
France - "Bonjour"
Georgia - "Gamarjoba"
Germany - "Hallo"
Greece - "Geia sas"
Hungary - "Helló"
Iceland - "Halló"
Italy - "Ciao"
Kosovo -"Përshëndetje / Zdravo"
Latvia - "Sveiki"
Liechtenstein - "Hallo"
Lithuania - "Sveiki"
Luxembourg - "Bonjour / Hallo / Hallo"
Macedonia - "Zdravo"
Malta - "Hello / Bongu"
Moldova - "Salut / Buna"
Monaco - "Bonjour"
Montenegro - "Zdravo"
Netherlands - "Hallo"
Norway - "Hallo"
Poland - "Cześć"
Portugal - "Olá"
Romania - "Buna"
Russia - "Zdravstvuyte"
San Marino - "Ciao"
Serbia - "Zdravo"
Slovakia - "Ahoj"
Slovenia - "Živjo"
Spain - "Hola"
Sweden - "Hallå"
Switzerland - "Hallo / Ciao / Bonjour / Ciao"
Turkey - "Merhaba"
Ukraine - "Vitayu"
Vatican City - "Ciao / salve / Bonjour / Hallo"



Language pair: English; 
Barry Smith
October 16, 2017

# Msgs: 3
Latest: October 25, 2017
Help me learn
Hi i was looking for people who speak irish Gaelic i ownly speak English Canadian English

Language pair: English; Gaelic (Irish)
Cyndy hillman
October 15, 2017

# Msgs: 1

Total found: 17052 !
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