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Hangman Games by Member : Ridho I.

Short Description of Ridho I.
Native Language(s):
Indonesian (Bahasa)
Practicinig Language(s):
Country: Indonesia
Description: Hi. My name is Ridho Ismoyo Putra, orang Indonesia and live in Sumedang, near Bandung, West Java. I eager to learn any languages, especially from east Asia, like Japanese and Korean. And you can find me everywhere in socmed, except 1G (putrari14)... If you want to learn Bahasa Indonesia or English, I love to teach you in exchange to teach me your native language. I will do my best to teach you... Sorry for the inconvenience since I'm not a gold member...

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Before eat, you can say :
_ _ _ _ _ _t   M _ _ _ _

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Indonesian (Bahasa) Popular Expression Food / Drink December 1, 2013
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