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Share your language learning with the community! Ask native speakers questions about their language. Answer questions about your native language. Practice foreign languages by discussing subjects of interest. Free!

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Language Exchange and Discussions
A fun way to explore languages.
4932 10194 1
Get help from native speakers about slang, expressions, etc.
5151 11378 0
Get help from native speakers on vocabulary, translations, grammar and pronunciation.
8716 17171 1
Practice Tips
What works well in your language exchange and what doesn't.
2748 5509 0
Activities and Games
Play language learning games with other language learners. Start your favorite game.
1103 2486 0
Language Learning Technologies
Computer Technology
Discuss typing software/accents/fonts, keyboarding, learning software, computer hardware, etc.
354 745 1
Technology in Classroom
For teachers and students.
268 507 0
Internet Technology
Discuss how you use the Internet for language learning. Discuss how to use email, text chat, voice and video conferencing software.
330 630 0
Teaching and Studying
Teacher Training/Teaching Abroad
Discuss teacher training, opportunities and experiences.
1319 2522 0
Study Abroad
Discuss and share study abroad experiences.
1662 3219 0
Other Interests
Share advice, experience, great places to see.
1603 2759 0
595 1477 0
452 1035 1
1088 2223 0
Cooking and Recipes
Share cooking tips and recipes.
351 698 0
Discuss players, fans, referees. Get the rules here.
447 905 0
Discuss your favorites, science, health, fitness, etc.
766 1595 2
Discuss customs, traditions, ethnic or religious holidays.
744 1437 0
Family and Pets
258 558 0
Language Partners
New Member
A place for new members to introduce themselves.
14844 23578 1
Seeking Partners
Looking for a language exchange partner.
17563 30939 6
Making Friends
7368 13949 2
Current News
121 249 0
169 498 0
- Others -
Everything that does not fit in above categories.
1252 2117 0

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