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Language Lessons

We offer 4 types of language learning lessons.

Language Exchange Lesson Plans by Language Exchange Teacher and Co-founder

Use Language exchange lesson plans during your language exchange practice. You and your partner do these activities together, spending half the time in your native language and half the time in your target language. Designed by a teacher specializing in language exchange and co-founder of this website Hélène Cormier, you will practice effectively while using everything you have learned in your target language.

The lesson plans are available in our chat companion - a tool that runs along side your voice or video chat program and includes a timer for switching languages, a dictionary and your own notepad for your convenience.

Before you practice, please read How to do a language exchange. Our proven method of language exchange developed by our language teacher and co-founder Helene Cormier will ensure you get effective practice.

Words or Phrases by Community Members

Review or play word match games with words or phrases shared by our language exchange community members. Learn, play, comment, share. Click here

Lessons, Quizzes and Articles by Registered Language Teachers

Lessons, quizzes and articles shared by our registered teachers.

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Lessons, Quizzes and Articles by Members of the Language Exchange Community

Learn Basic Mandarin Chinese - Pinyin, Traditional and Simplified Characters by Andrew Moxham.

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