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Category: Seeking Partners
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Re:Russian language parnter
Hello! I'm from Russia and I can help you learning Russian.

Language pair: English; Russian
Anastasiya Vogel
June 25, 2017

# Msgs: 3
Latest: June 25, 2017
Seeking for German speaker, I can teach Russian and English in return.
Hello, everyone! I've been studying German for a couple of years, but with no great success. So I'm looking for someone who can help me out. I'd be glad to become a penfriends.

Language pair: Russian; German
Anastasiya Vogel
June 25, 2017

# Msgs: 1

looking for a language exchange partner
Hey guys! I am Japanese who are learninng English, living in
Kyoto & working in Osaka. I actually need to speak English and indonesian at my job, but unfortunately my speaking skill of them are not good :( So I'm looking for a language partner who can meetup in Kyoto or Osaka.

Hope we can study languages each other. :)

Language pair: English; 
June 23, 2017

# Msgs: 1

Portuguese(Brazil) speaker, looking for english speaker
I´m Brazilian, 25 years old and looking for a partner to improve my pronunciation and fluency in English. I´m also avaliable to teach Portuguese.

Language pair: English; Spanish
Frederico Fernandes
June 22, 2017

# Msgs: 1

Seeking help with French pronunciation and speaking accuracy/À la recherche d'aide avec la pronunciation et la parole en français

I am an American and native English speaker who studies French. I'm looking for a conversation partner who can help me improve my pronunciation and speaking skills in French. Help with writing is always appreciated as well. I watch TV shows/films in French and read books in French frequently, but it's hard to practice speaking and writing without a native French speaker. In return, I'm happy to help with English, Spanish, or Arabic!


Je suis américain et anglophone et j'étudie le français depuis deux ans. Je suis à la recherche d'un correspondent francophone qui puisse m'aider à améliorer ma pronunciation en français et à mieux parler et écrire en français. Je regarde très souvent des films/émissions français et lis souvent des livres en français, mais je trouve que c'est difficile d'améliorer mes compétences de parole et d'écriture sans avoir accès à un francophone. En échange, je serais ravi de t'aider avec l'anglais, l'espagnol, ou l'arabe. Je suis anglophone mais j'ai beaucoup étudié l'espagnol et l'arabe aussi, et je m'intéresse beaucoup aux langues.

À très bientôt !

Language pair: French; English
Derek Pace
June 22, 2017

# Msgs: 1

Re:Re:Re:Seeking for English speaker in return for Chinese
Yeah, sure, sounds great. I'm not completely sure how this site works though. I suppose we could start off as pen pals or something.

Language pair: Chinese, Mandarin; English
June 22, 2017

# Msgs: 4
Latest: June 22, 2017
I speak English and I NEED TO LEARN SPANISH!
Hi! I'm looking for a Forever Friend and someone who is kind and patient and can have fun with me while teaching. Preferably female as I'm not having any luck with the men due to work schedules. More interested in Mexican Spanish. So if you already speak English and maybe want to fine tune your pronunciations and help me desperately learn your beautiful language..let me know! I'd love a new friend and would love to be able to have a conversation In Spanish and understand what people are saying to me! I need it for work and for my multiple trips to Mexico. I know a little. Age does not matter as friends come in all ages, but I am 43.

Language pair: English; Spanish
Sunshine Hardy
June 22, 2017

# Msgs: 1

Cantonese/putonghua in exchange for your French in Hong Kong
I'm French learner in Hong Kong. Attained B1 DELF last year. Pls contact me if interested to learn Cantonese or mandarin/putonghua. I'm here to help!

Language pair: Chinese, Cantonese; French
language student
June 21, 2017

# Msgs: 1

Re:Seeking for English speaker in return for Chinese
Hi Jennifer! I am happy to help :)

Language pair: Chinese, Mandarin; English
June 21, 2017

# Msgs: 2
Latest: June 21, 2017
I am learning Spanish now
Hola! I have been living in Japan for almost 5 years. I like manga, anime, travel, Japanese culture and Spanish songs. I am trying to learn Spanish now and it would be great to help somebody with Vietnamese or Japanese!

Language pair: Spanish; 
Thao Nguyen
June 20, 2017

# Msgs: 1

Total found: 30168 !
Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  3017  [Next>>]  

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