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Hangman Games by Member : Crina Crina

Short Description of Crina Crina
Native Language(s):
Practicinig Language(s):
Country: Romania
Description: Hello, I'm Romanian, 33, living in the U.S. I would like to learn Hindi,English,Italian,and Urdu in exchange will help with learning Romanian.

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Crina Crina's newest games:

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Title of Game Language Type Category Last Edited Rating
When you want your love very much,you will say................
_e   _ _r _ _ _   _s _   d _   _u _ _   i _ _i _ _ _   _e _
Romanian Popular Expression Making Love / Sex September 12, 2005
8 votes
When you want somebody very bad, you will say.....
_ _ _a _   _ _   _a _   _ _a _o _ _e   _ _   _i _ _

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Romanian Popular Expression Making Love / Sex June 15, 2005
15 votes
When we want somebody, we say..............
_ _   d _ _ _s _   _ _a _t _   _ul _   !
Romanian Popular Expression Making Love / Sex June 15, 2005
5 votes

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