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December 22, 2019
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I want to learn Korean because am planning on living there

Debbie 데비

August 30, 2019
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New Zealand
chino, otros
Hiiii! I'm Debbie and I'm studying Business Management in New Zealand.  I am currently trying to learn Korean and Spanish so please HELP me!  I want to learn Japanese and Chinese (Traditional) too!!  Please message me if you want to exchange languages!  I am fluent in English and 2 other languages.  Let's be long-term friends too!  I don't bite so don't be afraid... See more


May 7, 2019
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I am Tongan and wanted to learn more about my native language. I know the basics but I want to be more fluent


December 27, 2018
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Am Miko, married with 3 Children, Zambia Tonga Speaking, Born again Christian, Love only Gospel Music especially South African, love Soccer, Playing Musical Instruments, making friends only with married females


October 14, 2018
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amharic (etíope)
I love learning new things. I love to challenge myself. Language learning is something I hold dear to me


July 12, 2018
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chichewa (nyanja)
Hi there! Am Jane a single Malawian lady aged 43years old. Am a mother of two girls twins an they're 10years old. I would love to improve my English that someday l will study theology. Thatd what l desire in life. Hope this will work out for me.


May 13, 2018
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My native language and would like to know more of it.


August 11, 2017
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chino, mandarín
Hi, I am from Taiwan. I speak Chinese(traditional) ,Taiwanese and a little English. I am a math teacher in junior high school. I am very interested in learning languages, such as Japanese, Spanish and German.I like to travel and learn different cultures. If you want, I can speak with you in Chinese. If you want, you can teach me some Spanish or German. Thank you. Nice to meet you!


July 22, 2017
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United States
I am interested in an mature adult male who is fluent in Twi and Fante. Preferred to be from Ghana. Doesn't have to be African black just super cool with a mother and boys. Engagements to visit the country in near future.


July 13, 2017
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Hi! I'm Daniela. I'm Mexican and I would like to improve my English. I have no one to practice English with and I think this is a great way to do it. Right now I'm taking Chinese classes as well, but I don't feel able to talk in Chinese yet, but it would also be great if anyone can help me with it, I just started and I've been finding it a little tough :)
Total found: 277 !
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