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Voice Chat Privacy

Live Audio

During voice chat, live audio is sent from your partner's device to yours in a peer-to-peer fashion. The signal does not come to our server.

Live Caption and Auto Recording

If you use live caption and recording, a copy of your live audio is streamed to our speech recognition service provider to get the live caption result. The speech recognition service provider may use your speech data to train their speech recognition engine. A recording of your speech is stored on our server. Unless otherwise noted, your audio file is accessible only by you and your partner. We may use a cloud based data backup service to store the data.

Please note, only you can turn on or off the live caption and record settings of your own audio. You cannot affect your partner's live caption and record settings - and your partner cannot affect yours. We ask you to turn on live caption and recording as a courtesy to your partner to aid in his/her learning when you feel comfortable with your partner.

Language Settings

When you use voice chat as a guest (without logging in as a member), the system inspects the language settings of your browser to make an educated guess at the language to use for live caption and for the destination language of translations.

You can change your language settings at any time in the settings page. This will only affect your own languages settings - not your partner's.


We use session cookies to remember your settings from one page to the next, as a guest or as a member.

If you use the "Keep me logged in" feature, then we use persistent cookies stored on your computer to automatically log you in.

Membership Agreement

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